Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Show Us Your (Home) Office

I love when blogs post pictures of the contents of their purse. I know, I know, it seems probably kinda strange but I think that you get an idea about a woman by the stuff that she carries around in her purse. It's a peek at her personality. My purse tends to always have tons and tons of receipts in it. Not sure what that says about my personality besides that I don't clean my purse out often enough.

Along with getting a peek at what you carry around with you all the time I love seeing pics of work spaces, home offices, places where people get creative and get work done.

I'm a little nomadic when it comes to my work space. I work sitting on the couch, I work sitting at the dinner table (the picture above) and then I have a true formal desk.

I guess I also like having distractions on my desk to entertain me

I like seeing what inspires other people to get creative and where they make the creative magic happen.

Do you have a space to get creative? Do you find checking out other people's home offices and creative work spaces creative too?


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