Monday, March 21, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge

So my blogging muscles are feeling a bit weak right now. I needed to come up with something to get me to stretch them out a bit and my bloggy buddy Miss Jess over at the mundane adventures of Miss Jess started doing the 30 Day photo challenge and was doing such a cute job that I decided to go ahead and follow her lead.

So here we go.

Day 1: Post a picture of yourself and 15 facts.

My best friend from college took this picture of me when we lived in Lakeland, Fl. I loved this garden and I felt like Alice in Wonderland there!

1. I became an RA in college solely based on the show Felicity's RA, Noel Crane.

2. I'm probably one of the few people that really hates both The Goonies and The Wizard of Oz movies.

3. I've never left the country before.

4. I quote the Ghostbusters' movies an obnoxious amount. But so does my husband.

5. I really dislike ripe bananas.

6. I'm terrible at song lyrics, I almost always have them wrong.

7. But I have a great ear/ music memory for a tune.

8. My Etsy shop/ illustration business is the most rewarding job I have ever had. I love doing custom personal work.

9. I feel like I could be borderline narcoleptic with how fast I can fall asleep on the couch. Or maybe I'm just old.

10. I love being efficient & blowing through my "to do" lists.

11. I took Spanish in high school but the only phrase I can remember is "Vamos a la playa" Which I believe is "Let's go to the beach".

12. At my first real job, at a grocery store, I found my future husband to be. He was at the #9 express check out register.

13. I was on my high school marching band and flag team.

14. I met my best friend in pre-school. We're still best friends today.

15. I use to love the color pink but now I'm all about green.

Want to play along with the 30 Day Photo Challenge with me?



  1. yayy, i'm so glad you're doing this!! you are so cute :) i didnt know you met your husband from working at a grocery store! thats awesome! ♥

  2. @yours truly dear

    You inspired me! And yes, I met my husband back when we were in high school at our local grocery store. He was a bag boy and I was a check out girl. Love on Express Lane #9 :)

  3. I love checking off my to do list too! I feel like it never ends though...

    rope bracelet GIVEAWAY !!

  4. @Amy Stewart

    Ha! That would be the down side of it :)

    I love your bracelets!

  5. ripe bananas are the worst. looking forward to seeing your photos :)