Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Randoms

• This week I am going to stop letting Little Miss Lucy sleep in her swing for all her naps and start taking all of them in her crib.  She has LOVED sleeping in her swing and I have LOVED that she sleeps.

The picture above is when she was MUCH smaller. It is safe to say that her head is at the top and her feet hang over the edge now. She hasn't been napping as well in the swing which I'm taking as her sign to me to cut the cord, bite the bullet and get her to start taking her naps in the crib.

It's gonna be a FUN week at our house :)

On to a much more fun topic.

 • Spring baby girl clothes.

 I wasn't that excited about fall and winter clothes for her for some reason but there is something about all the spring clothes that is just beyond adorable. Proof.

And don't EVEN get me started on baby swim suits.

I am a very practical woman. I'm not a shopaholic by any means and I can be a tad bit "thrifty" at times. But Carter's and Gymboree OWN me.

• I want to make a growth chart. Julia from My Life In Transition has an awesome one based on a really large ruler. While I think her's turned out really great I don't think I want to go with wood since we will have to move again. At least once. Probably more then once more and I feel like a cloth growth chart would be easier in this case. My mom had a "grow worm" cloth growth chart for us that I'm pretty sure is still hanging in the coat closet. I'm trying to brain storm the game plan right now and have to reign myself in from just throwing something together. When I get an idea I like to go into it 100% and then sometimes wish I had taken more time to really plot things out first.

Side note but one of JB3's biggest pet peeves is when people say "I gave it 110%" or any number beyond 100%. He's very analytical like that. His point being why stop at 110%, why not 150% or 200%. It has now become one of my pet peeves when I hear someone say that. In general most sports cliches I find kind of annoying so this just gets thrown on the pile.

Anyone else adopt one of their husband/wife/friend's pet peeves?



  1. I remember going from the swing to the crib. Just don't give up, she'll get it :) That's funny about the 110% thing haha. I've definitely picked up some habits from Josh, but I can't think of any pet peeves I've gotten from him... maybe being late. I used to not care about timeliness as much, but he is OCD so I've definitely started caring more about being on time.

    Good luck this week ;) She'll do great!

    1. Thanks! I gave it a try this afternoon because she was napping so crappy in the swing and she did pretty good. Hopefully some consistency throughout the week will help her get the hang of it for good!