Thursday, May 17, 2012

27 weeks...good bye 2nd trimester!

 Size of Baby/ This week's fruit: Whoa! Where did the time go?!? We are almost out of the 2nd trimester. When did THAT go and happen??? I gave up on The Bump fruits since they switched them up recently. I was an eggplant a couple weeks ago but now I'll be an eggplant again in a week or so.  I feel a lot of movement most of the time now. I had a morning where I got up then went to lay back down and it felt like I was trying to lay on a bowling ball because she had shifted to my side. She is about 2 lbs now, grow baby grow!

Cravings: Still no weird cravings. I feel like a huge enabler though. My husband has lost weight in the last couple of months and we joke that I found it all. And then some. He probably would have lost more weight if not for my constant "Sooo what about some ice cream/pizza/ snacks?" questioning.

What I love now: Feeling her move around so much is still my favorite thing. She was so active the other night when we were at a softball game I almost felt like I needed to throw a jacket across my lap with all the crazy contortions going on with my belly. I figured people were going to start wondering if I was hiding a small animal under my shirt or something! I love when she pushes hard against my belly (most of the time) and I try and guess if that is a head or a butt that I can feel :)

Symptoms: I've been so incredibly blessed with this pregnancy. It has been very easy on me. Even though I drink water like a fish (I want to coin the phrase "Drink like a pregnant woman" but some how I doubt it is as catchy) I still get leg cramps from time to time which still kinda suck. I usually end up with a pulled muscle for a couple days after a leg cramp. Back pain has started showing up more often too and sometimes I feel a little out of breath.

Highlight of the week: It's almost time for our babymoon! It really is a conference that my husband is going to for work and I'm tagging along on but hey I'm all about the multi-tasking so its a babymoon to me! Can't wait to see Vancouver!

What is new: Her nursery is almost 100% put together. Thanks to the generosity of my best friend Holly who is sharing her baby goods with us, we have all the real essentials covered at this point for the little lady.  There are a number of things we still need to get but we are in a good place. Her room is a nursery now and it becomes more and more real each time I go in there.

Nicknames: "Luce" "Lucy Goosey" "The Goose" "Lucy Peanut"

Looking Forward To:  Meeting her :) In due time of course. I had a dream that she came the end of July. My due date is August 15 so that would be a wee bit early if she did make her arrival then. We shall see. I'm so fascinated by her already, I can't wait to see her in person!

Some very special moments recently for us. Going to my best friend Holly's daughter's 1st birthday party.

Holly and I met each other in preschool and have an amazingly special friendship. Being able to share this pregnancy with her and get all her great momma advice has been so wonderful. My heart just swells thinking about our two little girls being friends. 

Lucy got Sunny this shirt and onesie for her birthday. They already have outfits declaring them best friends forever!

We were able to celebrate Mother's Day with our mom's which was really special. My "1st" Mother's Day ( I figured this is the easy one since she hasn't really put me to work yet!) was great and I know we both feel so incredibly blessed to have such great moms and amazing families.



  1. Laura, this is lovely. :) And I love the matching onesies. Why didn't I think of that?!

    1. Etsy :) You can find everything you want and didn't know you wanted on Etsy!

  2. Ok so I am sitting here crying just thinking about how awesome this journey has been with you! I can't wait to have sweet little Lucy here so we can love on her and to watch her grow! I love that you are my best friend and that at this special point in our lives we, (at least I feel like it)are closer then ever! Love you my sweet friend!!

  3. Visiting from Kelly's Korner! Congrats on making it (uneventfully it seems) to the third trimester :).

  4. you look FABULOUS!! and i loved feeling henry move all around and kick and everything. and seeing him move from the outside was really cool too haha. i used to get really bad leg cramps too. i did stretches everynight before bed. so annoying!! i'm glad everything else is going so well though :) yay!

  5. Laura!

    I haven't been reading as many blogs lately, and I just am catching up on some of my old favorite and WOW! Congratulations! You look fabulous!Baby girls are the best! Your BF's LO is the blonde ponytails. If only Ella's hair would grow! I love the name Lucy too..that was on our short list! So adorable! xo