Friday, March 2, 2012

Little Peanut

Where do you even begin when you are writing a post about a new life growing inside of you?

About your first child.

About a baby. Your baby.

Kinda some heavy stuff, you know?

We live in South Carolina. It's a state known for its palmetto and crescent moon flag, for the low country and amazing seafood. And peanuts. Mainly boiled peanuts. Which is pronounced "bowled" if you are truly a native of the state.

And now we have our very own little South Carolina peanut on the way.

Our baby is a little bit bigger then a peanut these days, according to the weekly fruit updates I get each week that clue me in to all the amazing things that the baby is up to. Like growing fingerprints, bones and muscles. Its forming an image and an identity along with creating a strong and functioning body.

This will be a summer baby. We are at 16 weeks right now. In a month we will get to see our baby again . We will get to see a small beating heart and and take another step closer in learning who this baby is.

It's hard to know how to start a post about the life growing inside of you. This amazing blessing that has entered our life. I'm finding it's even harder to end a post about this little miracle. Because right now my heart is just full with the wonder of a new beginning.



  1. Aw I am so happy for you guys :) And I also love it when people truly appreciate the miracles of pregnancy and birth. Grow peanut, grow!