Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Southern Home: The Nook

It's no secret how much I love living in the South. I'm just tickled to be in a place that I love and feel so connected to. I also really love our new place and am going to share so bits and pieces of it that I feel have that Southern charm in a series of posts called A Southern Home.

First up, The Nook:

One of the elements in our new place that I LOVE is the built in nook in our living room. I love the fact that its white and the edge detail at the top. It just works so well to display some of our most treasured items like our picture frames, cook books and my tea collection.

What kind of Southern home would it be if we didn't have a Southern Living cook book?

Does your home have a nook or built in shelving system that you love?



  1. Oh thats cool! I wish I had one of those in my room :)

  2. oo la la, thats a built-in!? i am so jealous! we had one at our last apartment, but it wasn't nice like yours. i love it!