Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Twisters and Turning Two

Whew! Things have been wild here lately. Mainly when it comes to weather we have seen our share of crazy wild stuff. I think I'm ready to take on the summer heat right now if it means getting out of tornado season. Luckily we haven't had any damage or problems due to the storms. Just lots of nights spent watching the local weather stations. Getting ourselves all worked up in a foamy panic. Oh wait, that's just Wylie, our dog :)

FACT: The weather station can't actually say that there is a tornado in the area unless they are told of it. They use their info of tornado "like" activity and reports to actually report that there is one on the ground. Makes you feel real safe now know that right? Yea, me neither.

Or maybe that's just here. Still not good for us.

The other wild thing going on here is our pup Wylie turned two!

Life of the party, isn't he? Such a wild thing. Wylie took another developmental step recently and is staying out of his crate and is able to move around our apartment now. Big step people, big step. This has caused an interesting chain of events to happen, but that will come in the next post when I have the photographic proof to tell my story.

Has April been a wild month for you?


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  1. Glad to hear you were safe from the tornadoes! I have lots of college friends in STL and it sounds like some parts were hit really badly. So scary! When I was in college in MO I think we had tornado drills at least once a week due to storms. I don't know why tornadoes like MO so much.

    And I didn't know you had a pup! What a cutie.